1. You’re right on this and I can’t argue. I’ve just lost all faith in any incremental or non-radical changes. The FD is the only thing that will buy us enough time to withstand the economic, technological, and demographic headwinds that are coming at us in the 2020s. The weeds will go back, thats for sure but I’m trying to avoid a civilizational collapse. Thats my priority. Waste, fraud, abuse, and other long term issues I’ve put on the backburner in terms of giving a shit because we’ve been living in clown world for quite some time.
  2. Maybe thats the progressive in me, and if so guilty as charged. I have passed judgment based on standards I made up which is kind of redundant because standards have always been “made up” by individuals and groups. I’ve made my judgement on this, which is just an opinion from some dude on the internet, so its not a fact and my opinion doesn’t really matter but it would be disingenuous to claim that I believe the average citizen is ready for whats coming. I have no confidence in that and I think having confidence in that will lead to bad outcomes even though it might make people feel better. And im not sure how to address your last point because I’m not sure what you mean by corrective actions. I dont think the FD would fall under the category of something that is trying to correct the actions of citizens like a regulation of behavior would. I’m not sure they would be forced to take the money if they don’t want it. Not sure if thats what you meant by that.

2b I know you’re gonna hate my answer: I dont support UBI but I do support Andrew Yang’s campaign specifically and his FD proposal specifically for the reasons I mentioned in the essay. And I take Andrew Yang and FD very seriously. If Bernie Sanders offered UBI I would not support it and I don’t take either seriously. If you hate the semantics well you’re not going to like me because I think semantics and wording matter a whole lot. The words chosen change the potential discussion and the potential path of action. They’re very powerful and shouldn’t be dismissed as mere manipulative word choice with no substance. I reject that completely. Words matter.

3. I agree it doesn’t right now but there is no reason the government cant be a profitable organization or at least budget neutral. There is no natural law that says governments cant save and accumulate value or a law that says they should go into debt perpetually with no end in sight. Being a shareholder in an organization makes everyone a lot more sensitive to its financial health and might be the catalyst we need for citizens to demand the government stops being a value parasite with infinite debt issuance and instead provides surplus value to its shareholders the citizens. We have plenty of money to distribute, we have more than enough. We just have to redirect the flows of payments and receipts.

4. I’m not on the side of the angels. I’m not an angel and I don’t want to claim the moral high ground. We need illusions and lies to get through the day just like we need truth and authenticity. Both are needed. An environment of pure unadulterated truth and an environment of only lies are equivalent to me: totally unbearable and overwhelming. We need truth and illusions for their utility. They are not ends in of themselves.

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