In this edition of the xLetter, we announce xToken 2.0, xToken goes L2, CitaDAO brings real estate on-chain with xToken’s help, and we discuss the future of governance.

xToken 1.0 → xToken 2.0?!

Since we launched in summer 2020, we’ve been offering set-and-forget native staking strategies to our community. …

This is the first edition of the “xLetter”, a semi-frequent update about xToken and the greater DeFi & DeGov ecosystem. The purpose of this letter is to give a periodic update on the project and to offer some insight into how developments in the larger ecosystem factor into our outlook.

El Salvador has leapt into the international spotlight by being the first country to establish a positive multi-layered bitcoin strategy. The meat of the emerging strategy gives bitcoin status as legal tender within El Salvador. The government is looking to make bitcoin easier to use throughout the country in a…

Brett Maverick Musser

Dude bein a guy @xToken

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